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What is 120Mm Fan Screw Hole Size?

What is 120Mm Fan Screw Hole Size

Last Updated on December 10, 2022 by Tech Questions

A 120mm fan screw hole size is a measurement of the diameter of the circular opening on a computer case or other electronic device that a 120mm fan mounts to. It is important to know the size of this hole when selecting a 120mm fan, as some fans will not fit properly if the hole is too small or too large. The most common 120mm fan screw hole sizes are 80mm, 92mm, and 100mm.

Your computer’s case is one of the most important aspects of keeping your PC cool and ensuring its longevity. airflow, which is essential for preventing your components from overheating. But how do you know which case fans will fit your particular case?

One key factor to look at is the screw hole size. Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the right sized case fan for your needs. The 120mm fan screw hole size is a standard measurement for PC cases and components.

Most 120mm fans will have no problem fitting into a 120mm screw hole, but there are some that are too small or too big. If you’re not sure, it’s always best to measure the screw hole before purchasing a new fan. That way, you can be sure it will fit properly and provide optimal airflow for your system.

Case Fans – How many should you have?

What Size are Fan Mounting Screws?

There is no one answer to this question as the size of fan mounting screws can vary depending on the make and model of the fan, as well as the specific application or installation. However, in general, most fan mounting screws are between #8 and #10 in terms of screw sizing. Therefore, it is always best to check with your fan’s manufacturer or instructions prior to purchasing or installing any new screws.

How Far Apart are the Mounting Holes on a 120Mm Fan?

Most 120mm fans have mounting holes that are spaced out by 105mm. There are some outliers, though, so it’s best to measure the specific fan you’re looking at before making any assumptions.

What Size are Pc Case Fan Screws?

The size of PC case fan screws varies depending on the make and model of the fan. However, most standard case fans use screws that are 3/16 inch in diameter.

What Screws Do I Use for Case Fans?

When it comes to case fans, the most important thing to consider is the size of the fan. The three most common sizes for case fans are 80mm, 92mm, and 120mm. Once you know the size of the fan, you can then choose the type of screw that you need.

For 80mm fans, you will need M3x30mm screws. For 92mm fans, you will need M3x40mm screws. And for 120mm fans, you will need M3x50mm screws.

It’s also important to note that some cases come with fan mounts that already have holes drilled in them. In this case, all you would need is a set of washers and nuts to secure the fan in place.

What is 120Mm Fan Screw Hole Size

120Mm Fan Mount

Most computer cases come with at least one 120mm fan mount. A 120mm fan is a common size for case fans and is a good choice if you’re looking for decent airflow and low noise. If your case doesn’t have any 120mm fan mounts, you can usually add them yourself.

Here’s a quick guide to adding a 120mm fan mount to your computer case. First, you’ll need to identify an unused space in your case that’s big enough to accommodate a 120mm fan. Once you’ve found an appropriate spot, use a drill or hole saw to cut out a circular opening for the fan mount.

If your case is made of metal, you may want to use some self-tapping screws to secure the mount in place. Next, it’s time to install the actual 120mm fan. Most fans come with four mounting holes spaced evenly around the perimeter of the fan.

Line up these holes with the corresponding holes in the mount, then use screws or zip ties to secure the fan in place. Be sure not to overtighten the screws, as this can damage the fan blades. Once everything is tightened down, plug in the power cable for your new fan and enjoy increased airflow through your computer case!


The fan screw hole size on 120mm fans is generally going to be around 2.5mm in diameter. There are however, some fans that have a slightly smaller or larger hole size. If you’re unsure about the size of the hole on your particular fan, it’s always best to measure it before attempting to install the fan.