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Acer GN246Hl Not Showing 144Hz

Last Updated on December 3, 2022 by Tech Questions

I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask but I recently bought an Acer Gn246Hl monitor and it’s not displaying 144Hz. I’ve tried changing the refresh rate in the nvidia control panel but it only goes up to 120Hz. My graphics card is a GTX 970 and my drivers are up to date.

Is there anything else I can try?

If you’re looking for a 144Hz monitor, the Acer GN246HL is a great option. However, there have been reports that it doesn’t always show the full 144Hz. This can be frustrating, but there are a few things you can try to troubleshoot the issue.

First, make sure that your graphics card and drivers are up to date. If they’re not, that could be causing the problem. Secondly, check your cables to ensure that they’re properly connected.

Sometimes a loose connection can cause issues with refresh rates. Finally, if all else fails, you may need to contact Acer customer support for further assistance.

Fix 144hz Monitor Only Showing 60hz

How Do I Get 144Hz on My Acer GN246Hl?

If you want to get 144Hz on your Acer GN246HL, there are a few things you need to do. First, make sure that your computer is powerful enough to handle the high frame rate. Then, connect your monitor to your computer using an HDMI cable.

Finally, go into your monitor’s settings and change the refresh rate to 144Hz. If everything goes according to plan, you should now be able to enjoy smooth, lag-free gaming at up to 144 frames per second!

Does Acer GN246Hl Support 144Hz?

Acer GN246HL is a 144Hz monitor with a twisted nematic (TN) panel. It’s 24 inches in size, making it a good choice for budget-minded gamers who want a large screen. The Acer GN246HL has a resolution of 1920×1080 and a fast response time of 1ms, making it perfect for competitive gaming.

The monitor also supports AMD FreeSync, which reduces screen tearing and stuttering.

How Do I Enable 144Hz on My Acer Monitor?

If you have an Acer monitor, you may be wondering how to enable 144Hz. Luckily, it’s not too difficult. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Make sure your graphics card supports 144Hz. Most modern graphics cards should support 144Hz, but it’s always best to check first.

2. Connect your monitor to your computer using a DisplayPort cable. HDMI cables can also work, but DisplayPort is the more reliable option.

3. Once your monitor is connected, open up the display settings on your computer and find the “refresh rate” option. From here, change the refresh rate to 144Hz and apply the changes.

4. That’s it! You should now be able to enjoy smooth gaming at 144Hz on your Acer monitor!

Why is My Monitor Not Displaying 144Hz?

If you’re a PC gamer, you know the importance of having a monitor that can display at high refresh rates. A lot of gamers are looking for monitors that can hit 144Hz, but sometimes they run into issues where their monitor isn’t displaying at that high of a refresh rate. There could be a few reasons for this.

One reason could be that your graphics card isn’t powerful enough to push out frames at 144Hz. If you’re not getting 144fps in your games, then your monitor won’t be able to display all of those frames. Another possibility is that your HDMI cable isn’t capable of carrying a signal with enough bandwidth to support 144Hz.

Make sure you’re using an HDMI 2.0 cable or higher if you want to take advantage of higher refresh rates. Finally, it’s also possible that your monitor itself isn’t capable of displaying at 144Hz. Even if your graphics card and HDMI cable are up to the task, some monitors top out at lower refresh rates like 120Hz or 60Hz.

If you’re not getting the high refresh rate you want, make sure to check what the capabilities of your monitor are before assuming there’s another issue.

Acer Gn246Hl Not Showing 144Hz

Acer Gn246Hl Stuck at 60Hz

Acer Gn246HL is a 24″ LED-backlit LCD monitor with a resolution of 1920×1080. It has a 60Hz refresh rate and an 8ms response time. The monitor is also equipped with VGA, DVI, and HDMI inputs.

If you’ve been using your Acer Gn246HL for a while now and it’s suddenly started getting stuck at 60Hz, there are a few things you can try in order to fix the issue.

1. Make sure that both your computer and the monitor are turned off. Then, unplug the power cord from both devices. Next, use a soft cloth to gently clean the connectors on both the computer and monitor end of the power cord. Once you’re done, plug everything back in and turn on your computer. Check to see if the problem has been resolved.

2. If cleaning the connectors didn’t work, try resetting your computer’s display settings back to their defaults. To do this, right-click on your desktop and select “Screen Resolution.” Click the “Advanced Settings” link at the bottom of the window that opens up.

In the next window, click on the “Monitor” tab and then click on “Settings.” Under “Screen Refresh Rate,” change it back to 60 hertz if it isn’t already set to that value. Click “OK” twice to save your changes and exit out of all open windows.

Now try using your Acer Gn246HL again; hopefully it will be working properly now!

Acer Gn246Hl Displayport

acer’s GN246HL is a 24″ widescreen LCD monitor with a LED backlight and a native resolution of 1920×1080. It features a 144 Hz refresh rate, 1 ms response time, and support for AMD FreeSync. The display has an HDMI input, DisplayPort input, and DVI-D input.

The stand is adjustable for tilt and height.


Acer’s GN246HL is a gaming monitor that offers 144Hz refresh rates, but some users are reporting that it isn’t displaying properly. There are a few potential causes for this, including incorrect settings or a faulty cable. Thankfully, there are also a few simple solutions that can help get your monitor back up and running at its full potential.